Crafts Market has been constructed in order to bring together buyers and sellers just the same as in an off line market place. The two main advantages are that you can take a look at any time in comfort and there are buyers and sellers from around the whole of the United Kingdom.

So become a regular buyer here in Crafts Market and/or be a resident business with your products set out for all to see.

There are, of course, other sites which allow the selling of crafts. These sites charge fees for listing, commission for selling and so on. This all adds to the price of the products. Crafts Market is absolutely FREE for any crafter to list his or her blog or website in order to sell hand crafted products.

Crafts Market is up front with any services for which payment is required. The services are set out HERE – you do not have to go hunting for this information.

Basic Listings are FREE and hopefully will stay that way.

For a short time there is a reduction in the cost of the Premium Listings in order to get us up and running.

You can help to get more visitors by placing a button or banner on your websites and by clicking on the share buttons at the foot of the main pages.


Crafts Market does not control Sellers so you can really get to know the people you are dealing with. Most Sellers keep  blogs on their sites. These entries let you understand a great deal about them. It is possible to get a feel for who they are and how passionate they are about their individual crafts.

You can often leave feedback on their personal blogs plus you can leave comments on their information pages here in Crafts Market. As with any feedback please make sure that you are being completely fair to the sellers. If you believe that there has been a problem get in touch with the seller and give him/her the chance to rectify any mishap or misunderstanding.

Please let the sellers know that you arrived at their sites via Crafts Market. Everyone likes to know that their advertising efforts are worthwhile.


Why Join?

This is the best market place for UK hand made products because there is a direct link to each and every crafter listed here.

There is no middleman to whom you have to pay money while having to stem your creativeness in order to fit into a limited template set out by this remote middleman.

You are FREE to be yourself. Crafts Market gives you a FREE listing. Crafts Market does not interfere with the way you run your business.

How does Crafts Market work?

Crafts Market has been created to give you the freedom to do your own thing and that includes how you organise your own shop on your own website. We do not offer you pages within this website to set out your shop

Our mission is to enable the crafts people of the United Kingdom to have a place where they can introduce their businesses. The actual online shops are not controlled by us. We operate within a directory environment giving freedom to the seller while bringing them visitors.

As an individual the craft worker is isolated and faces difficulty when looking for buyers. Being part of a group within Crafts Market gives each seller much more power on the internet. When each member links to the Crafts Market every other member is empowered. Even the smallest of sellers is able to attract buyers.

Every individual, or group, producing crafts by hand within the UK has a place here

Your business will grow by using the strength of the many crafters who carry the badge or banner of Crafts Market. Please include a Crafts Market button or banner on your site so that you help to empower all the other crafts men and women here. A strong group will bring more visibility to the many who make up the whole.

These links will also direct the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing back and forth to all the various websites and blogs within the network.

Crafts Market will help you with articles and courses which show you the various ways in which you can organise your business site to show your products to the best advantage. If you do not have a website we will even show you how to create one.