Why sell in Crafts Market?

I have always made things, designed things, created things. I know that all good quality hand crafted items take time and effort to produce.

Then the stocks need to be sold. I’m not that keen on Craft Fairs and the like. Oh, it’s OK now and then but week after week doesn’t do it for me. I’d rather be making than selling. The costs are quite high, too. I much prefer to sell online

If you want to sell online there is a need to get the prospective buyers to see your products. This can be the tricky part. The online market places that are on offer tend to take away the individuality of the crafter. You have to package yourself into the neat little boxes that these sites call “shops” and pay for the privilege. This is particularly difficult for the newcomer to business who wants to spend any money they have on producing stock. Being part of Crafts Market means that you will not have to think of all the marketing strategies for your personal website

It was when I thought about these two things: individuality and lack of finance that the beginnings of Crafts Market started to take shape. I thought: what if crafters could come together in one place to let people know they were there without having to pay a penny.

So now a basic listing in the Crafts Market Directory is absolutely free and by bringing all crafters together it means that we can gain visibility for all whilst retaining our individuality. If we all do our best to introduce Crafts Market to others this website will get a lot of visitors. Once this starts to happen it has a snowball effect. We all benefit from more visits to the site. As I said earlier – you don’t have to spend a great deal of time marketing your own website. By joining all the other crafters here you will all do a small part of the marketing and everyone will benefit.

Think of this website like the craft fairs you attend. Buyers come because there are many stalls and because you are in the middle of them they have to pass you so they take a look at what you are selling. Because all the sellers came together they have more prospective buyers looking at all the stalls. It’s the same here in Crafts Market. The visitors come to browse and find items that they like and possibly a seller they haven’t come across before that they can get to know.

However, Crafts Market has advantages over the local, physical craft fair:

  •             It is possible to offer just one item
  •             You can show samples and offer choice of materials, colours, sizes to be made to buyers’ preferences
  •             You can offer a wide range of wares that perhaps wouldn’t fit together on a stall but will do in the different “departments” of your shop
  •             In fact, you can offer pretty well anything on your website which on a stall would seem just plain pushy.
  •             Crafts Market is “open” 24/7 every day of the year.