Classification of Products

For some products it is very easy to classify them and group them into one area of a website. Other products can be put into several categories.

Your website can have the same items grouped in different ways.

You may make an item that is an all year round product and yet it also lends itself to specific times of the year. For example, a ladies handbag is on offer at all times but you want to point it out for purchase on Mother’s Day or Christmas or maybe even offer it for personalisation. Well with your own site you can.

If you give a page to each item that you produce you can link to it from other places on your site. So on another page headed Mother’s Day Gifts you can include a thumbnail picture of the handbag and a click through link to the full page. Again set up a page for Christmas Gifts with link.

How many pages you have will depend upon how many items you produce and how many ways you can think of for introducing it.

Let’s see how many ways you can market the same item:

      • General listing
      • Gifts listing
      • Birthday listing
      • Valentine’s Day listing
      • Easter listing
      • Mother’s Day listing
      • Graduation listing
      • Baby Shower listing
      • Wedding listing
      • Christmas listing

All these will link through to the one full page for an individual item. Of course, not everything will fit everywhere and you shouldn’t try forcing it!

An extra service that you can offer is to send everything gift wrapped. Perhaps you can have them in special presentation boxes.