eBay and You

You are a hard working crafter and you want to sell your products for a reasonable price. eBay is by far the largest market place online. If you get together with this site you will do well, right? Well, yes and no. For crafters, eBay has serious limitations.

There are fees to pay on eBay, there are Terms and Conditions which you must obey, it’s an extremely large place where it is difficult to be seen. Also the buyers are often looking for a bargain not a masterpiece. The value of craftwork is often  not understood.

eBay is a fantastic business for its owners. They have set up the site and all the software that goes with it and sit back while the sellers do all the work. If you are a seller:

            YOU do the listing

            YOU manage the orders

            YOU do the picking and packing

            YOU visit the post office (or other parcel delivery service)

That’s all fine, of course, you expect to do it – but why not do it all for yourself. You are running a business not working for someone else.

The major players among the eBay crafters all have their own websites and blogs. If you are going to sell on eBay, or anywhere else for that matter, you too really should have a website or a blog (or maybe both). Then you will have somewhere to drive any traffic  Anything which you sell from your own site will not have listing or selling fees attached.

With your own site you can showcase your wares in the way you want. You are not restricted by the very specific template limitations

Start USING eBay. It’s a good place to get yourself known and to channel prospective buyers towards your own website. It can give you a start.

When you get your visitors to your site they can get to know you. You can build a relationship with them. Now that’s a proper business.