Have a Range of Products

 Whatever it is you make do try to have a range to offer. If your chosen craft segment allows it, produce small, medium and large. Offer different colours and materials.

You will be basically making the same item but the variety will give you more interest in your finished goods and choice for the customers.

The variety will also allow for a variation in price points so without compromising on quality you will have something for a broader range of people who come looking.

Let’s say that the most magnificent item you produce sells at £200. Well I guess you know that this will be something for the person who not only delights in such beautiful hand crafted work but is also able to afford the price. There are others who would dearly love to own lovingly made items but cannot at present justify spending the asking price. For them you will have smaller / more easily made items at lower cost.

Much better to be able to offer a range than frighten people away. Once they know the wonderful value they will want to return to you at a later date.

If you sell at craft fairs you may want to make sure that you have items which will appeal to all segments of the market. This only applies if you craft the type of things that can be made for men, women, young people, children. Don’t force it, but what you want to is to have plenty of people looking at all times. There is nothing like a crowd to pull others to you.

Of course, if you only sell online then it is fine to specialise a bit more. Do keep a range of variety and price.

If you sell products that can be measured in smaller amounts – say bath salts then you can offer in sample packs. People are then able to purchase just one or maybe a selection.

Whatever you do make sure that your quality is of the highest. This includes materials and workmanship.