Ideas for Crafters

Crafters are always on the lookout for ideas which will mean that their products are unique for the buyers.

If your craft lends itself to differentiation why not personalise each piece.

Paint, emboss, embroider or print a name on your product as requested by the buyer.

This goes down well for one piece for a birthday recipient or maybe 100 pieces for wedding guests.

Offer to include a slogan for hen parties, weddings and so on. Have some slogans ready to give ideas to buyers and take photographs of items with this type of thing already integrated. Take photographs of everything that you do even if there is only a small difference.

Have a selection of applique for cushion covers and the like, such as: flowers, sports designs, cars, butterflies. You know the kind of things. Have pictures ready to choose from. If you feel you could stretch yourself a bit more, let the buyers send you their own pictures to use.

Anything that personalises your products will go down well with prospective buyers. You are offering something special and you will be doing for them.

Depending upon the craft that you work at you will be able to think of other ways of giving choice. Make sure that they understand that it will take a particular amount of time to complete these types of orders. For some crafters it will be simple to have the base product ready and waiting to be personalised.

Not only does your special adornment attract orders, it also puts up the price you can ask.