Online Selling

Online selling is big business. Online shops are gaining in popularity. Products that are hand crafted are also in demand among the discerning.

So all you have to do is put up a website, right? Well no. That is just one part of the selling process. Look at it this way. You produce beautiful items and you organise a display. Great but who will see it sitting there in your dining room? This is exactly the same – website or physical display. They both need prospective buyers to come to look.

With the physical display you take it around to craft fairs at the weekend. There you will find customers. With a website you need to take it to an online market place so that people will come to look.

Most online market places are set up for you to display your products on their pages – for a price. You usually pay listing fees plus commission on sales. The display area or store does not belong to you. You are allowed the space so long as you conform to the style limits of the site. You may or may not be able to advertise your own website. If you are allowed to under the terms there are often restrictions on pricing between your own website and in the store of the market place. This, of course, may appear to be what you are seeking for the time being.

If you are intending to be in the business long term then your own website in which to build your shop is a must. If you wish to build your own brand under your own name then you need to be free to organise this in your own way. Using the ecommerce stores within places such as Etsy, Folksy, Misi and so on builds the businesses of Etsy, Folksy, Misi and so on – not yours.

Having your own domain name and website means that you can build up your own presence. You are able to connect with prospective customers out there. When people get to know you they will begin to trust you. This will lead to sales.

Now we have come full circle. A website is only the first step to becoming known. You have to get your website in front of people. They have to know that you are there.

There are millions of websites online that no-one, outside friends and family of the owner, ever sees.

The simple way around this is to list your website on Crafts Market. This gives a market place for all hand crafters to gather without the listing fees and commission on sales. You can, of course, choose to raise your visibility in Crafts Market but it is not necessary. Your free listing will link directly to your website. How much you sell and what you charge for your items is entirely up to you.

So why link to Crafts Market? Well it is at zero cost and no limits on your display.