Setting Up Your Website

If you are wanting to sell your handmade products using Crafts Market then you will need your own website. Crafts Market is a place where you as a trader come and set up your own stall. Your website is your stall. As a stall holder you will want to organise everything in your own way. Crafts Market does not limit you. This is a place where you can gather with other stall holders.

So you need to decide how you are to go about setting up your own website to sell your beautiful, hand crafted products.

The best way to decide what you must do in your particular circumstances is to start at the end. You must know what it is you want before you start.

It’s the same with everything you do. For instance, you are going to do some knitting – you don’t say “I think I’ll start with casting on 20 stitches and see where it takes me”. You decide that you are going to knit a long sleeved jumper for Billy. You think you would like it to be red. You go seek for a pattern. You look for the yarn.

You see you had in mind where you wanted to end up with your knitting. Then you put a plan in place.

Right now let’s get down to the planning of your website. This is your shop or stall where you are going to display your wares. You probably want it to have a blog too so that you can chat to your visitors and make them feel welcome.

What is it that you produce? If you have been making for some time you will have some stock. You will need to be thinking about well arranged photographs to add to your display when the time comes.

Who are you producing your items for? You need to know this so that your online shop is attractive to the targeted group. Is your website going to be for attracting new customers, keeping in touch with existing customers, showing your friends and acquaintances what you do, or maybe just acting as an online business card.

Now what do you want your visitors to do once they find themselves on your website? Silly question – you want them to buy something don’t you? Well most will not. Some will click away as fast as they came, never to be seen again. If your website is interesting they may hang around for a while. You need to get them to become acquainted with you.

If you write a blog then encourage them to make comments. Maybe you could get them to sign up to a newsletter so that they keep in contact. Both of these entail giving you their email address to you. This means that you can contact them when something new happens. Don’t spam – remain a friendly person.

Now back to what you are producing and your intended website – what are you going to call your business? Maybe you already have a name that you have been using at craft fairs. See if that works for you. Or you may have to start from the beginning and dream up something that describes your product line in some way.

Whatever you are going to choose at this point is going to be with you “for ever”. When you buy a domain name – that’s the name that you type into the address bar, you cannot change it. Well you can, you can buy a different one but if you open your “shop” under one name it will not be recognised under a different name. You will be spending time getting people to come to your shop only to change its name so you will lose them.

Well there you are, some thoughts on setting up your website. There will be some more at a later date.