Stock up

How much stock do you show in the shop area of your blog or website?

You must have enough to make it interesting for people to browse. If you have just one item then anyone visiting will be in and out in no time.

Perhaps you do only have a few items. Photograph each from various different angles and then group the pictures on a page in an appealing way. This will get your visitors looking a little closer.

Of course, this will not bring you more customers but it will give you the chance of gaining a customer here and there that wouldn’t have stayed before.

Because you are posting photographs on your own site there is no-one to tell you how many you can have or where to place them. It is entirely up to you how you arrange your products as well as their descriptions.

Don’t get carried away with words. Let the photographs stand out. If they catch the visitor’s eye you can lead on to the words. You must catch the visitor’s interest immediately. Remember that fingers tend to be click happy and every visitor can leave your site as fast as they came to it. Grab the attention first and then enable a click through to full descriptions and information after that.

Many bloggers tend to have their products popped in here and there amongst stories of their day to day adventures. Now this is great for reading but not for people who are coming to you specifically to see what you are selling.

By all means keep the blog as a never ending tale but also have a page on which you have your shop layout. This way you will be able to write about you life and your projects and also have a place for your customers to visit.

It’s OK to show just one or two items when that is all you have but you really must produce more to add at regular intervals.

Now it maybe that you have sold what was there. In this case, say that you are out of stock of this particular item. If it is possible tell your prospective customers that they should contact you if they would like you to produce another just for them. Then you can also offer to make it in other colours perhaps.

If you do this, don’t forget to take photos and put those on your site – even if you are going to say out of stock straight away. Your visitors will know that something is going on. After all there are so many dead looking sites on the internet. Don’t look as though your’s is one of those.