Tips for Online Selling

It’s always good to get ideas from others. Apart from the tips mentioned, thinking about them sends us through our own thought processes which are related to the specific products we sell. It possibly takes us along a train of thought that is much removed from the original advice but is nevertheless valuable to us in the way we do business.

3 Tips to Sell More Crafts Online

By Kyle B Taylor

Selling crafts online is a great way to make some extra money, but there are a few things you will need to know in order to be successful. Here are my top 3 rules to selling more crafts online:

1. Get Creative & Sell Unique Products

If you can up with some truly unique it will be easier to stand out amongst other crafters. There are thousands of crafters selling their homemade jewelry online so if you plan to enter this market, be prepared

For example, one Etsy crafter named “8bitmemory” started selling clocks made out of old Nintendo video games. They became a hit with techie geeks. Another crafter is selling aquariums made out of old Apple computers. It’s unique, interesting, and not something you can find in every Michael’s craft store.

Creating a unique product also increases your chances of becoming featured on the home page, something that all online craft sellers aspire to. Recently a couple from Hawaii became a hit on Etsy with their kitten shaped crayons. The couple’s store “Kitty Baby Love” was featured on the homepage of Etsy and the couple went from selling a few items a day to over 1,000 orders in the month following the feature. The average item in their store is priced at $15, meaning the couple sold over $15,000 in merchandise in 30 days. Talk about life changing!

2. Avoid eBay

I use eBay regularly and I love it, but not for selling crafts. In my experience items that are most successful on eBay tend to be of two categories: collector’s items and new/slightly used retail items. eBay buyers generally aren’t looking for original content and that includes crafts.

If you are going to sell your crafts online it is best to find a forum that is specifically catered to crafts. Etsy is considered the creme de la creme, but there are a number of smaller sites that you might try including:, and These sites will let anyone list their crafts and you get to set the selling price. Similar to eBay, you pay a small insertion fee to list your product (.25 cents or so) and then a fee if your item sells.

3. Watch Shipping Costs

The one downside of selling crafts online as opposed to craft fairs is that you will need to ship your creation to your buyer. Shipping costs can become quite a drain on your profit, so you need to try to keep them under control. Be sure to weigh your creations and figure out your exact costs before listing your item. Often times sellers will take a guess at shipping and handling costs and if they turn out to be more than what you charged the buyer, you will be on the hook for those extra charges.

Also look at flat-rate shipping as an option, because those services usually come with a free box and faster shipping times.

Kyle Taylor is the author of The Penny Hoarder, a daily blog with wacky ways to make money.