What to Make Next

We’ve all got our favourite products that we love to make over and over. This is great if it is what people also want to buy and are queuing up for them. Doesn’t happen often this way though, does it? It’s funny though how many crafters start their business making one thing or one range of things but branch out over the years as they find that there is a call for other items and they are quite interested in trying their hands at new lines.

Is this what has happened to you? Maybe you would like to try some other crafts. Here is a list of the kinds of things that crafters are producing:

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Of course, if you are going to choose to try out something else from this list you really should do some research to see if there are going to be any buyers for whatever you want to produce.

Have a look around the shopping centres near you to see if you can buy similar widgets to those you propose making. If you can’t find any this may mean that you have discovered a great niche or maybe just that no-one wants them. Also it might be that you do not live in the part of the country where these things may be popular.

Search the internet. Don’t forget that there are usually different names for the same thing so try all that you can think of. Search the online catalogues of the high street stores.

If after this you find that you are on to a winner you must carry out the research which will help you to price your product. Seek out the best places to buy supplies. Work out the exact cost of each finished piece. If this looks good then the next step is to make one. During this you must note down absolutely everything that you use: supplies, equipment, power plus every minute of time must be measured.

After all this it is up to you to decide whether or not you will start marketing this item. Don’t be blinded by the love of making it.

Hope this helps. If you have tried out new lines perhaps you can give the rest of us the benefit of your experience. Just write your article in the form below.