Why just the UK?

Why is Crafts Market only for sellers who are resident in UK?

Well there are several reasons. Let’s look at them one by one.


Although we can all deal with US dollars and this is used around the globe, everyone in the UK is comfortable with the pound. Also there is no variation day to day what anything will cost. If you buy in other currencies there is the problem of the exchange rate. This may mean that the variation in effect raises or lowers the cost of an item.


When we look at products displayed from within the UK we feel that the sellers are “just around the corner” rather than half way across the world. This tends to make us feel safer when dealing with the seller. We can get even closer than this if the individual sellers mention which part of the country they are located in.


Again it is about “knowing” Royal Mail or other delivery companies that operate in the UK. There is also no problem with customs and excise.


If the sellers keep their blogs up dated they generally talk about the things they are doing which are usually the kinds of things we understand. When they talk about the weather, or happenings in the country, again we understand. If they talk about particular locations or maybe craft fairs. We have pretty good idea of where they are and what it is like.

These may all appear to be quite trivial reasons but don’t discount them. Much of what we do is based on feelings. Our likes and dislikes often have no logical foundations

One of the reasons for having Crafts Market for UK sellers only is that most sales communities are based in US and this makes it difficult to pick out local sellers.