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Grow your business from a hobby to a self-sustaining, profitable enterprise

“How to Start a Crafts Business”

Weekly Training Programme

Weekly Lesson for 52 weeks in downloadable PDF format

A carefully designed course with the UK crafter in mind

I’d like to show you the easiest way to have a fully-functioning, Crafts Business that you can be earning from almost as soon as you can produce the goods!

I’m talking here of virtually non-existent set-up fees, every aspect will be explained right down to the smallest basic detail, and brought to you in an easy to understand format. If you are new to self employment and running a small business you will still find this simple to follow through.


This course is unique. Delivered to you week by week. Work at times to suit you. Ready packaged mentoring. This offers a level of support which elsewhere will cost at least four times the price asked for this course AND you get personal contact. Would you – could you – pay £500-£700 a month to receive one on one mentoring? Yet you will receive personal support to get your crafts business set up from scratch.

If you are in the same position as most people these days where your income is reliant upon your company staying solvent then this is a good time to look to building your own business. You can either run a business alongside your day job or get it ready to switch to being self employed.

Don’t rely on others – Put yourself in the driving seat

Build your own security – Look after your family.

Starting a business, any business, has to have a combination of things taken into consideration. There are various operations that have to be put into play simultaneously. Most newcomers to business just do not know where to begin. Many tasks need to be undertaken from the off. This training course makes sure that you know about what needs doing along with all the legal requirements.

I have written this course using my knowledge from lecturing and mentoring for MBA and other business studies courses and put it together with what I know are the needs of crafters.

Let’s have a look at 5 major points regarding the training in this course




Boosts your business

Boosts your business

Weekly boost to your business by the addition of advice designed to show you various sales channels. Each week’s lesson brings more ideas, more encouragement and more of the building blocks necessary for your Crafts Business

Long term success

 Long term success

The course is not theory but a training programme that leads you to long term success. To move from playing with a hobby into a successful business, this course takes you step by step through absolutely everything needed to build a strong enterprise that will last


Sign up now and get your Crafts Business underway

Don’t pay thousands of pounds for information – even if it does come with an easy payment plan

This course is priced to be within the reach of everyone who wants to build a Crafts Business

For just £17 a month this Training Programme is for you if you are serious about changing your life and want to enjoy crafting as a basis for your own business. This means that you gain the chance of moving from a job to being in your own business.

You will not get a course and support such as this anywhere else at this price.

You’ll need to hurry though. Why?

I’m limiting numbers

This is no joke. I do not take on work that I cannot cope with. People who sign up with me know that I look after them as individuals.

I coach both online and face to face and the success of every single person is important to me. For this reason I shall not be expanding the numbers on this training programme.

Because of my time (and energy!) constraints I am limiting this “How to Start a Crafts Business” course to just 50 people.

Remember this is a unique training programme designed especially with UK crafters in mind.

All I can say is, sign up soon

Don’t put it off – I don’t know when I shall offer this again


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£17 per month

This is not an instalment plan – this is a twelve month subscription which means that you can unsubscribe at any time before each date that payment is due