No joining fees, no listing fees, no commission fees, no currency exchange problems
Payment comes direct to you.
You manage your own sales, your own listing, your own shop


Basic Listing              -           FREE


Name of Business


Website url (address online)

Premium Listing        –     £10.00 per year

Special for first 100 crafters to choose this listing.         Why? Because we want to get this new market place set up quickly.     £8.00 only for a full year.


Name of Business


Website url (address online)

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Website Hosting       -           £3.00 per month

Website Design          –          Two options here:

Option One:   We can design and create your website for you and have it ready for you to update

£10.00 per month for first year, then £3 per month

Option Two:   We have links to a course which will teach you to build your own website and maintain it with our support

£20.00 per month for first year, then £3 per month thereafter

Why have your own website? Why not opt for a free site?

The whole idea behind Crafts Market is that you are free to do your own thing and that includes how you organise your own shop on your own website.

Other online market places “give” you a shop and then proceed to tell you how you must set it out.

Similarly “free” websites want you there in order to further their ambitions. You are stuck with having their name as part of your url (website address). Both of these can (and do) close down shops and websites if you do not conform.

We won’t do that. We can’t do that. You will own your website. You can remove your listing from our site. You are in control.

Even if you have your website hosted with us, there is nothing to stop you removing your listing from our site and indeed taking it elsewhere